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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta
Music Supervisors & Music Libraries Are Currently Seeking Hip Hop, Trap, R&B and Pop Tracks for The Love & Hip Hop Franchise. Contact info inside!
Black Ink Crew
Music Supervisors & Music Libraries Are Currently Seeking Hip Hop, Trapstep, R&B and Pop Tracks for The Black Ink Crew Franchise. Contact info inside!
EA Sports
Music Supervisors & Music Libraries Are Currently Seeking Hip Hop, Trap, Rock and Pop Tracks for The EA Sports Franchise. Contact info inside!
Your Music In Film
Music Supervisors & Music Libraries Are Currently Seeking All Genres Of Music For Placement In Upcoming Movies. Contact info inside!
What Role Does The Music Supervisor Play?
The music supervisor meets with the director to identify where songs might augment and underscore the emotion of the scenes, as well as to identify the source music that is needed, such as songs coming from a car radio or a jukebox. Then his or her job is to find songs that express the director’s vision—while being certain those songs can be licensed—and are within the production’s music budget.

Most music supervisors compile enormous amounts of music from artists, writers, and music publishers. They review the songs in their catalog that they believe might work for the current project, and they put the word out to music publishers, writers and artists with whom they have established relationships.

After narrowing down the options, they present the director with multiple choices for each place that music is needed. So … the music supervisor is essentially the gatekeeper who you’ll have to get past in order for the director to consider your work.
TV Film Submit
How Do You Secure Film and TV Placements?

Presuming you can pre-clear your songs and recordings, you will want to get them to music supervisors and music libraries. Music libraries acquire a tremendous amount of their material from independent songwriters and composers (meaning writers who are not signed to publishing deals) and from artists who produce their own independently released CDs. Therefore, many of them are open to receiving unsolicited material. It is typically tougher to find an open door with a music supervisor—unless you have established credits.

An online search will yield listings of music libraries. In most instances, their submission policies are listed on their website. In some cases, you’ll be able to instantly begin the process of submitting your material. Other times, you’ll need to request permission to have your music considered for representation.
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